Friday, 19 April 2013

Fringe Science

Author: Edited by Kevin R Grazier

Published: August 2011

What They Say: Fringe has always been more than the sum of its parts—but its parts, too, are worth a closer look. The show combines a surfeit of mad science, some old-school sci-fi flair, and a dash of strawberry-milkshake whimsy to create the challenging, fascinating Pattern that keeps us coming back season after season and universe after universe.

Now, in Fringe Science, cutting-edge scientists, science writers, and science fiction authors and historians provide a smart, savvy, and accessible look at the world(s) of Fringe.

What Elaine Says: One thing that's always fascinated me about the series Fringe is the reality behind the the science of the show.  Just what is possible within the parameters of our own scientific laws?  That's what I was expecting from this book.  A look into just what is plausible, albeit at a stretch!

Unfortunately that's not really what I got.  As a series of essays on various areas within the show, this is a very interesting book but just not what I was looking for.

As with all books of this nature, some of the essays where, of course, better than others and some very interesting parallels are drawn between the main characters (especially Walter Bishop) and great literary investigators or science fiction greats.

Obviously one for fans of the show only but definitely an interesting read even if it didn't deliver what I wanted.

*This was a review copy

Elaine's Rating: 7/10


" Fringe may be a cutting-edge series in many ways, but it's grounding in the science-fiction tradition marks it as the most recent voice in a loing and ongoing dialogue about what is possible, what is moral, and what is human."

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